Who Is Really The Virus? Soon There Will Be More Masks Than Jellyfish In The Ocean (IMAGES)

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“What do you think about swimming with the  COVID-19 pandemic this summer?”, The question is not relevant because the time of year, but because of an issue that has taken decades: environmental pollution.

Although it is true that nature has taken a breather without so many vehicles in the streets, without so much production of garbage or due to the closure of some factories, unwanted material continues to appear in the natural habitat. It seems that we reinvent ourselves, but to generate more garbage.

A video published by the Opération Mer Prope foundation, (Operation Clean Sea in Spanish), shows that items that people use to fight the coronavirus are ending up in the oceans: face masks and latex gloves.

What an irony … what saves man is destroying the home of other species.

“Knowing that more than 2 billion disposable masks have been ordered, there will soon be more masks than jellyfish in Mediterranean waters,” said Laurent Lombard, founder of the nonprofit organization.

He himself, with diving equipment, took the images to warn that, in the long term, the pandemic can be deadly. And not precisely for man, but for other species.

“It’s a matter of common sense to avoid all of this,” Lombard said.



Source: Noticias CaracolTV