She Tries To Cross A Mighty River With Her Baby And A Tragic Incident Arises [VIDEO]

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A shocking YouTube video revealed the tragic end a mother and a fawn had when they tried to cross a river together.

Images impact thousands. A recent YouTube video has left thousands of users moved, since these images revealed the tragic end that a small waterbuck had when he crossed a mighty river with his mother. Both were captured in an animal reserve in South Africa and managed to capture the cruel end that one of them had.

Naturalist and guide Dave Pusey was able to capture the unusual scene while touring the Crocodile River. The man stopped very close to a bridge, where he found both animals trying to cross the stream.

The clip posted by YouTube account Kruger Sightings shows deer on a patch of land in the middle of the river. The mother tries to find an escape route following her instinct and ignores the bridge, whose structure could help them.

“During the summer season, the rivers in the Kruger National Park can grow quite quickly. The waters caused this mother to be trapped on an island with her young, “said Pusey.

Before the flow rose further, the waterbuck crossed the river without realizing that the east was too strong for the fawn. After a few seconds, the mother managed to step on the shore while her baby was carried by the intense current.

Almost at the end of the YouTube video, an ad appears indicating that Pousey went the next day without being able to find the mother or the baby. The guide was not sure if either of them were able to survive.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica