Group Of Friends Go Fishing And Something Unimaginable Emerges From The Water (VIDEO)

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A young man with his friends wanted to spend an entertaining day going fishing and they found something unpleasant.

In the United States the fishing is a hobby that practice to parents and children can even make between friends . Go to a lake and enter its waters can be fun because you do not know what types of fish can find, although you could spend an unpleasant moment as shown in this viral video on YouTube.

It all happened when Nicholas James Yohr, a student at the University of Northern Michigan , gathered his friends and encouraged them to go fishing on December 19. They hoped to get a few fish , but were greatly surprised to find a muskrat.

It should be noted that the muskrat or muskrat is a medium-sized semi – aquatic rodent , which is native to North America and has been introduced to parts of Europe, Asia and South America. This animal can measure between 25 and 40 centimeters.

In the viral video you can see how a man introduces the fishing rod into the frozen lake, waiting a few moments until something bites. When suddenly they started to feel a little tug and they quickly pulled to see what fish they had caught.

Everyone was stunned when the animal emerged from the surface because it was a rat. The animal instead of running away, jumped back into the frozen water, leaving a group of friends who were there amazed.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: El Popular