Giant And Poisonous Toads Threaten The United States (VIDEO)

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A species of toads became a threat in the sugar cane fields of Florida; was introduced as pest control in 1936

A group of giant toads that are also poisonous could pose a danger to various animals in Florida, United States.

This animal, which has the scientific name of Rhinella marina and which is also known as a cane or reed toad, secretes a substance on its skin when threatened.

This chemical can kill any small animal, such as pets, that can touch it. It should be noted that the potency of this substance is not strong enough to kill a person.

The biggest threat of cane toads is not necessarily their poison, but this amphibian has a very varied diet, since it can eat from insects to lizards and, due to its defense characteristics, few beings can be considered its natural predators. .

How did the toad get there?

The sugar cane toad did not come naturally to Florida, since the farmers of that state introduced this species in 1936. Farmers sought to eliminate the insects that devoured the sugar cane, but the specimens got out of control.

Due to the increased rains, the humidity conditions are adequate for this amphibian to reproduce.

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Source: Periodico Central