It Notices The Presence Of A Diver And Approaches Him In A Curious Way (VIDEO)

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A viral video was published through Facebook that reveals a diver cleaning an aquarium when he was interrupted by a gigantic fish that ‘asked’ him for loving caresses.

An act of love. A viral video that was shared on Facebook left thousands of users captivated by an emotional scene. A young man entered an aquarium to start his cleaning activities in an aquarium; However, he did not expect that a huge fish would stand in front of him to ask him for caresses. This sentimental fact became a trend in countries such as the United States, Mexico, Canada, among others.

Undoubtedly, animals have become the main protagonists of the different scenes that are published daily on social networks, such as Facebook and YouTube. Some cause fury for their antics, behaviour, skills, and occurrences.

On this occasion, a diver prepared to clean the spaces of an aquarium as part of his job, when he observed that a curious large fish swam quickly to stand next to him after noticing his presence.

For a moment, the diver thought he would be attacked by the fish, but he was in for a poignant surprise. It was then that the creature approached its ‘new friend’ because it wanted a little human contact.

Immediately, the man stretched out his right arm and started petting his back, he seemed happy and calm with the caresses. Meanwhile, his coworkers pulled out their cell phones to record the unexpected event in the water.

Clarín was in charge of spreading the images on his official Facebook page, where they reached more than 20,000 reproductions, becoming a trend in a matter of hours. On the other hand, users highlighted the sentimental action of the marine animal with the man.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …

Source: La Republica