Using His Metal Detector He Found A Treasure He Never Dreamed Of Worth Thousands (VIDEO)

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A man who came out with a metal detector found a diamond ring valued at 10,000 dollars.

Imagine that you find a very valuable treasure while you are walking down the street and the question arises about what you could do with all that money, this was what the man in the following story surely thought.

Derek Smith is a man who went to the Madeira beach in Florida to search for treasures with his metal detector, however, not even in his biggest dreams did he think of finding such a valuable treasure.

And, after walking for a while on the beach, his detector began to sound and, digging through the sand, he found a diamond ring.

Local media documented that the events occurred last Monday afternoon, in shallow waters off the coast of Florida.

Derek also had a video camera with which he was recording the moment and, when finding the jewel, the impression led him to shout “Oh, my God. Oh my God!”.

The video was broadcast on social networks where it generated hundreds of visits.

The valuations of the ring indicate that it is worth more than 10 thousand dollars.

The ring features a large diamond in the center and, despite what many might think, Derek will return the jewel to its rightful owner.

In an interview for Fox, Smith said he is only left with the experience and excitement of finding such valuable treasure.

Using His Metal Detector He Found A Treasure He Never Dreamed Of Worth Thousands

The man plans to return the ring to its rightful owner.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


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