This Is The most Dangerous River In The World Almost Nobody Gets Out Alive (VIDEO)

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The River Wharfe, located in the north of England, appears to be calm and shallow; however, the authorities ask not to get close or jump because it hides the most unsuspected danger.

You’ll be surprised. The silence that characterizes the Wharfe River could make anyone believe that entering its waters does not represent any danger; however, the authorities ask not to approach a certain section for any reason. The reason? Hides a death trap that could end anyone’s life in seconds.

The river is located in the county of Yorkshire, in the north of England, and those who live nearby say that no one who has entered the waters of the area known as Bolton Strid has survived. This section is characterized by having its banks close enough to invite visitors to jump from one side to the other; However, if you fall into the water, the chances of survival are minimal. It is viral on Facebook.

It happens that under the current of the river Wharfe there is a great abyss with strong underground currents that carry everything that falls on them.

Youtuber Tom Scott explained through a video that this phenomenon occurs because the Bolton Strid section hides a network of caverns and tunnels through which large amounts of water pass. Less than 100 meters higher, the current, a few meters, expands to reach 10 meters wide, which makes the water at this point of the river gain speed and great depth. Until now its exact depth is unknown.

Jumping on it or trying to walk on its stones is, without a doubt, a temptation for adventurers that could end in a tragedy. This has led the authorities to fill the place with signs to avoid any fatal outcome.

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