Dog Swimming In A Lake Comes To Shore With Something Terrifying On His Back (VIDEO)

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The incredible scene starring the dog surprised more than one animal lover on Facebook and other social networks.

Seeing is believing, says an old saying, but in situations like the one lived by a dog named ‘Ottis’, it is impossible that they do not cause a stir on Facebook. A video that went viral shows the precise moment in which the pet ‘catches’ a snake in a lake in the town of Royal, in Arkansas (United States).

The dog, according to the person responsible for the recording, was spending a beautiful afternoon with its owners on the shore of the lake, when suddenly a snake caught their attention, as it slipped from the forest into the water.

Ottis, noticing the reptile, did not hesitate to go into the lake to catch it. After a brief moment, to everyone’s surprise, the dog returned calm and with the snake on its body, as we see in the viral Youtube video.

The dog left the reptile on the shore and began to smell it for several seconds. Its owners, meanwhile, were very surprised with what had happened and was happening, because the snake remained calm and never attacked.

The striking scene was later shared on Facebook and soon went viral in many countries. The recording is a complete success on the social network, as it already accumulates thousands of reactions from users.

Watch the viral ViralHog Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio