Discovery Channel Celebrates World Oceans Day With The Premiere Of Several Documentaries (VIDEO)

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Discovery Channel joins the celebration of World Oceans Day . The chain organizes a special program for Monday July 8 with which it invites the public to become aware of the problem of pollution of the seas and oceans and the terrible consequences for the flora and fauna that inhabit them. A cycle that will come with the premiere premiere of the documentary about Greenpeace co-founder Paul Watson .

Deserted beaches, crystal clear waters and marine fauna recovering a space that was taken from it centuries ago by human action. In the past few weeks, images of nature sneaking into empty cities have made a big impact, but they have also shown the visible effects of dramatically reducing the activity of millions of people around the world.

For several years, seas and oceans have become gigantic landfills as a result of the enormous amounts of plastic that accumulate on the seabed, causing a serious environmental problem that affects the entire globe.

To focus on this great threat and faithful to its commitment to conserving the planet, the Discovery Channel will premiere on June 8, starting at 9:00 p.m., three new documentary productions that will focus on coastal pollution, seas and oceans, on how it affects marine life and what actions are being carried out to combat this great threat.

At 21:00 the two installments of ‘Deep Ocean’ will be shown , the first episode will transport the public to the island of New Guinea, located in the Pacific Ocean, in which a team of experts, including the biologist Mark Erdmann, a marine, will enter the marine depths of this tropical zone.

The second chapter will show the Great Barrier Reef , the largest coral reef in the world, with a dimension of more than 2,000 kilometers off the northeast coast of Australia. With numerous species birth shows, this installment will leave beautiful images of what nature offers around the more than 100 varieties of coral that live in this area of ​​Earth.

At 11pm, ‘Green Pirates: Captain Watson’s Story’ will air on Paul Watson, co-founder of Greenpeace and founder of Sea Shepherd. For 90 minutes you can learn about the life of this environmentalist and the hard struggle in which he has spent years dealing with the famous NGO since its inception. It will be seen how he has dealt with numerous situations on the high seas , such as trying to arrest seal hunters in Canadian waters, as well as fighting shark hunters in Central America.

And at 00:50 it will be when ‘The Story of Plastic’ is launched, a documentary that will cover three continents and will teach the environmental catastrophe that the planet is experiencing, showing the immense mountains of garbage that occupy the fields, rivers and seas clogged with numerous waste, among which a good number of plastics stands out.

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Source: EuropaPress