Man Desperately Struggles To Save His Dog From Drowning In A River (VIDEO)

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On social networks more than one was baffled with a video showing the incredible rescue of a dog. His leash had come loose and he ended up falling into a river.

An amazing viral video was  shared on YouTube and has left viewers speechless. This is the rescue of a dog that nearly drowned in a river. Its owner did everything to save his faithful pet and was able to finally get a hold of him, but both were very scared.

The moving scene was trending on social networks in countries like Mexico, Canada and the United States and has not stopped accumulating reactions, since the video shows the suffering of the dog by believing that something bad could happen to it.

As shown in the YouTube viral, the pet looks desperate as it cannot go up to where its owner was. His leash had come loose and this would have caused him to fall into a Russian river.

The owner was holding the part of the leash that had come off the neck of his pet and with this he tried to hook it to his muzzle to be able to lift it. There were several failed attempts where fear seized the dog, but his master did not give up and did everything to rescue him.

After several minutes of agony, the young man was able to hold his dog and finally bring it up the bank to him. Seeing that he was safe, the dog jumped for joy, while not leaving his owner’s legs.

The images managed to move thousands on social networks, especially on YouTube, where it has already accumulated more than 150,000 views, in addition to the encouraging comments left by Internet users.

Watch the viralhog video on Youtube  below …


Source: La Republica