The United States Navy Plans To Create A “Maritime Train” (Tweet)

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The project would operate through unmanned vessels linked like a train.

The project aims to make these unmanned ships more resistant to waves.

Unmanned vessels in the United States Navy are increasingly present.  Projects to create medium-sized boats and vessels that can be remotely managed are having great success. Various ideas are currently being developed that could bear fruit in a few years.

Now scientists and experts in the United States Navy want to create what would be a “sea train.” The idea is basically to design the unmanned vessels some kind of system so that they can unite in the middle of the sea to create a kind of maritime train. The objective of this train would be to reduce the impact of the waves of the seas and oceans on vessels of this class.

Although it seems an unimportant facet, the resistance of the waves in front of a boat causes it to spend more fuel  than necessary to reach a specific place. I feel small and medium-sized boats are already a limitation on the amount of fuel they can carry.  

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