10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

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A dive into the depths of fear!

Among all of humanity’s most terrifying mysteries, our oceans remain the closest (and unexplored). There is something in the waters that still causes a lot of dread in people, and it is not for nothing that we have hundreds of aquatic horror films , which just explore this submerged dread.

In this list, we have separated  10 horror films in the water that you need to check , from great classics that made us have an abysmal fear of sharks to features that drink directly from the source of HP Lovecraft, bringing supernatural creatures that sleep in the depths of the sea.

The Black Lagoon Monster (Creature From the Black Lagoon, 1954)

One of the most classic examples of the Universal Monsters franchise, The Monster of the Black Lagoon is a film well ahead of its time, whether due to the effects used or even the plot, which brings harsh criticisms of American colonialism and the pollution of seas and rivers.

The film shows an expedition in the Amazon, while scientists look for evidence of the existence of humanity’s “missing link”. However, they soon come across a dark being coming from the depths, who just wants to be left in peace. The film is a great classic horror and, curiously, it even came out in 3D !

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Shark (Jaws, 1975)

It is impossible to speak of aquatic terror without mentioning the absolute classic of this “subgenre”. It is obvious that we are talking about Tubarão , one of the most prestigious films in Steven Spielberg ‘s career – and the feature film that took the director’s career to the next level.

The film is spectacular and builds a powerful tension as a great white shark threatens peace on a beach in the USA. Interestingly, the shark itself rarely appears in the film, due to some technical problems – but the result is even better, since the film compensates for its absence with a lot of suspense and tension.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Piranha (1978)

After the success of Tubarão , several studios wanted to replicate the “formula” with an infinity of sea creatures. The most successful, however, is Piranha , a film that weighs a little more for comedy, due to its limited budget and very precarious visual effects.

The plot is similar to that of Spielberg’s film, as bathers are attacked by a lethal school of piranhas. The result is a real bloodbath on the high seas. It is worth remembering that the film ended up generating some sequels and even reboots , which made the story even more insane.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

The Secret of the Abyss (The Abyss, 1989)

A classic of horror and science fiction, The Secret of the Abyss is one of the best works of James Cameron ‘s career , which came from a growing success with Terminator and Aliens: The Rescue . The feature made a huge splash and won the Oscar for visual effects in 1990.

In the plot, a crew must embark on a journey to the bottom of the ocean, while investigating a wrecked nuclear submarine. However, in their search for the depths, scientists and researchers end up facing a mystery that can change absolutely everything we know.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Dagon (2001)

Anyone who likes HP Lovecraft has probably heard of Dagon , a 2001 Spanish production directed by Stuart Gordon . The film deals with everything that is best in the author’s works: cosmic horror, strange dreams, strange people and a mystery coming directly from the depths.

Despite being called Dagon (which is the name of a popular Lovecraft tale), the film actually adapts another tale by the author, called The Shadow of Innsomouth . Despite the low budget, the film has good practical effects, especially in the characterization of bizarre creatures.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Ghost Ship (Ghost Ship, 2002)

Escaping a little from the theme of cosmic horror and very violent animals, we can also mention Navio Fantasma , a feature film that made a good success in Brazil due to its countless reruns on SBT . Nevertheless, it is good to mention: the film is not necessarily good, but it is quite fun.

In the plot, a group of pirates must break into a ship adrift in the Bering Strait. However, they will discover, in the middle of the pillaging, that the ship has a very macabre and dark history. Considered a cult classic , the film has an unforgettable and very bloody opening scene.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Triangle of Fear (Triangle, 2009)

The Bermuda Triangle remains one of the most involved places in myths and legends on planet Earth. Many stories cite the place as the scene of disappearances and bizarre events. So, we needed to have a movie about him on the list: the suspense Triangle of Fear .

The feature plays with several legends and myths related to the Bermuda Triangle, and is a very complex story that involves time travel and very peculiar mysteries – in addition to having great performances by Melissa George and Michael Dorman . It is perfect for those who like plots to unravel their heads.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Shallow Waters (The Shallows, 2016)

If you like films that explore humanity’s purest survival instincts, an excellent example is Águas Rasas , the 2016 feature starring Blake Lively . In the film, a surfer decides to travel to an isolated beach, while trying to overcome the death of her own mother.

Amid the waves and the hot climate, she ends up becoming the prey of a dangerous white shark, which corners her on a rock in the shallowest part of the sea. However, the tide continues to rise, and she needs to make a decision so that she can escape the predator and reach the mainland alive.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Deep Fear (47 Meters Down, 2017)

Another shark feature that made a big impact, Deep Fear features Mandy Moore and Claire Holt , who play two sisters who decide to take a dip in the Mexican Sea. They are placed in a cage and are able to observe some white sharks under the sea.

The dread begins when the cage system breaks down and the two are trapped, with a limited supply of oxygen and surrounded by killer predators on all sides. The film manages to build a very claustrophobic and distressing atmosphere, while having a good story with great performances.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch

Deep Threat (Underwater, 2020)

Closing this list, we have a very recent example. Deep Threat hit theaters earlier this year, featuring a cast consisting of names like Kristen Stewart, Vincent Cassel, Jessica Henwick and John Gallagher Jr. , and set on a platform located at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

When that base is damaged in a series of powerful seismic shocks, the scientists who live in it need to take a walk on the sea floor to save themselves from certain death. The film was not very well received, but it has elements that should really please HP Lovecraft fans.

10 Water Horror Movies You Need To Watch



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