They Catch Them In A Brutal Fight In The Middle Of A Golf Course (VIDEO)

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The incident occurred at a club in South Carolina (USA).

The confrontation of two alligators was recorded by one of the employees of an American golf club when he was taking a tour of the grounds.

The video, uploaded on the Facebook account of the Golf Club at Hilton Head Lakes group, as well as Youtube shows the two reptiles in irreconcilable struggle, biting each other with their powerful jaws and emitting chilling sounds of fury and lament.

“We see an alligator every day. But it’s the first time we’ve witnessed something like this,” said another employee, quoted by The Island Packet.

The small group of people there were withdrawing until leaving the opponents alone, in a confrontation that lasted about two hours. In the end, they both crawled in opposite directions.

Watch the Viral Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad RT