An Intoxicated Man Entered A Zoo In Poland And Tries To Drown A Bear (VIDEO)

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A video of the moment in which a man tries to drown a bear was shared on the Twitter and Youtube social networks.

The video which the man who was apparently drunk, enters a Polish zoo with the intention of drowning a bear.

The subject, who would not be in his right mind, managed to circumvent the security of the zoo and without fear, entered the animals enclosure. The event occurred on May 21.

When the bear became aware of the presence of the human, it began to run towards him, it was then that the man jumped into the water that was within the bear enclosure.

A short time later, the animal followed in the man’s footsteps and lunged towards him in the water, however, the subject managed to contain the bear and was pushing its head down to sink it underwater.

The scene was captured by a visitor who was on the premises, although the minutes were long, the drunk man managed to be rescued by the Warsaw Police and firefighters.

The disorderly man has been accused of animal abuse and could receive a sentence of up to three years in prison, while the bear that was rescued from a circus is suffering from stress due to the incident.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: El Popular