A 26 Year Old Surfer Dies After Being Attacked By A Shark Off The Coast Of California (VIDEO)

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The 26-year-old victim died in the same place where the attack happened.

Santa Cruz County Police in California, United States reported  that a man who was surfing died as a result of a shark attack. 

The shark attack, whose species was not identified, occurred on Sand Dollar beach at half past one in the afternoon. The 26-year-old victim was pronounced dead by the police at the scene, according to local media.

The lethal assault occurred less than 100 meters from the coast. According to the special protocol, access to water in the area will be prohibited for five days after the event.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, access to the region’s beaches is only allowed for six hours a day for surfing or swimming. At other times the beach is open for local residents to stroll, but always maintaining social distance.

Shark attacks in this Pacific region are rare. In 2019, the Florida Museum of Natural History, which records attacks on these animals globally, indicated that only three unprovoked attacks were documented in California that year. 

Watch the Viral Youtube video below …


Source: ActualidadRT