Huge White Shark Known As Katherine, Reappears After Disappearing From Radar A Year Ago

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It is an animal of 1,043 kilograms and 4.5 meters long, but experts believe that it can now be “much bigger” and “significantly larger”.

The marine research organization Ocearch has announced that the huge white shark known as Katherine has reappeared. Since May 2019, scientists have stopped obtaining information on his whereabouts from transmitters.

It is an animal of 2,300 pounds (1,043 kilograms) and 4.5 meters long, whose species is threatened. However, the founder of the organization believes that it now has other dimensions and “will be significantly larger. “

“In particular, it is much, much more corpulent. When they reach more than 12 feet (3.5 meters), the circumference and body weight begin to grow. The volume increases a lot. She is probably a very robust and mature female, a shark white in his best productive time, ” said the founder of Ocearch, Chris Fischer told local media.

In this situation, experts believed that the transmitter ran out of battery, but surprisingly, the system has again issued data on its location . These types of signals, known as z-pings, are activated when the shark breaks against the surface of the water.

“Our satellite tracking provider just did an in-depth analysis of Katharine’s z-pings and was able to produce an extremely rough estimate of where it might be,” Ocearch wrote on his Twitter account last week.

Following this announcement, the scientists pointed out that it could be about 200 million (320 km) off the coast of Virginia , in the Atlantic Ocean. However, the stimulus “is not strong enough to communicate all the data necessary to obtain the animal’s location,” the team explained.

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Source: ActualidadRT