He Takes A 14-Hour Boat Trip Each Week To Bring Essential Food And Supplies To His Entire Alaska Community (IMAGES)

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Toshua Parke has the only boat in town capable of making this journey during the repair period of the local port.

Toshua Parker, owner of a supermarket in the small town of Gustavus, in southern Alaska (USA), travels every week in his boat 80  kilometers  to Juneau, the state capital, to guarantee food and essential supplies to its neighbours while the only local port has been closed for repairs since March, reports The Washington Post.

The man and the employees who accompany him  take about 14 hours to make the trip in an old military boat about 30 meters long, the only ship in this town of 446 inhabitants that can make this journey, since it does not need a dock to dock.

Upon arriving in Juneau, the man goes first to a hypermarket and later to other establishments where he can buy specialized items, including hunting ammunition, wood and tools.

After uploading the cargo on the ship, Parker spends the night with the merchandise and returns home at high tide the next morning to replenish his supermarket shelves  with products worth up to $ 20,000. 

“It has definitely made life easier for all of us,” said a local resident, Leah Okin, adding, “We all take care of each other and Toshua is no exception.”

For his part, Parker stressed that keeping the shelves and refrigerators full in the only store in town is a team effort. ” I have a lot of help . My wife works at the store and stays up late to order things [online] for everyone and I have 15 employees who help,” he explained.

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