Grocery Store Packs Its LIVE LOBSTERS In Plastic Wrap And Causes Anger Amongst Viewers (VIDEO)

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A customer of at an  IGA grocery store had a bad surprise in the seafood aisle. 

Josée Tessier posted a video on her Facebook showing packaged lobsters, on a small styrofoam tray and in plastic wrap. Which would be normal … if the lobsters weren’t still alive.  

Indeed, we can see the crustaceans moving under the cellophane film. 

Under her video, Ms. Tessier writes:  

“Ok .. seen at the grocery store this weekend!” I don’t want to start a debate but damn it … is it really necessary for you to package LIVE lobsters in saranwrap and let them die slowly? Are we really going there?” 

It’s the internet so, of course, despite Ms. Tessier’s clarification, it still started a debate.  

Some point out that it is no less cruel to immerse live lobsters in boiling water. A former fishmonger’s employee even explains that the practice is not new, but that usually you have to leave holes in the plastic.  

The video has already been shared more than 10,000 times on Facebook and users, red with anger, have seen it more than 500,000 times.  


Source: Le sac de Chips