Two Pranksters Disguise Themselves As Buoys To Evade Quarantine And Swim In The Ocean [VIDEO]

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The viral video posted on YouTube has generated a wave of criticism against the subjects who violated the coronavirus quarantine in France.

The recent coronavirus pandemic in France has led to a strict quarantine being maintained, however, despite the fact that the majority of the population respects the measure, characters always emerge who manage to evade them, such as a couple of friends who were protagonists of a video on YouTube.  

Both friends had the curious idea of ​​putting on a kind of hats in the form of buoys , objects that are usually used for the orientation of boats in the sea or river, because that is what they looked like meters away.  

In the images, it is possible to see how the French couple dives and swims without any concern on the Hyères beach , located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, while the other people remain at home respecting the measures imposed by the government.  

The clip that already has more than 9557 views on the YouTube social network has generated various reactions from Internet users, some of them have criticized the actions of the couple of friends, while others have taken it as a joke.  

Well, this was considered by Pierre Kaci, one of the men who appears in the recording, and who, despite being punished with a high sum of money for violating the quarantine in France , revealed that the plan came about because they failed to enjoy the beach in their recent vacations, that’s why they decided to create the hilarious plan.  

“I take confinement seriously, so we chose a place where there was no one. We also wanted to make people smile and cheer them up during this stressful period (…) I know it is not serious in terms of confinement, but if you can make many people smile and cheer up  during this period, we will gladly pay our fine, ”said Kaci. 

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: El Popular