They Come Across Hundreds Of Dolphins Close To The Beaches Of Long Beach, California (VIDEO)

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The members of the expedition were surprised by the large number of mammals near the beaches of the place. The images are viral on Facebook.

The images are viral on Facebook. In times of coronavirus the images in which animals are seen in areas where they are not usually found are surprising. In countries like Russia, bears go looking for food in residential areas, for example. This time, dolphins surprise on the California coast.

Members of a Newport adventure expedition in Rhode Island were amazed by the number of mammals they found swimming near the shoreline of Laguna Beach.

While many were enjoying the bioluminescence that has occurred off the coast of Southern California, others have been fortunate enough to witness the great natural spectacle. It’s already viral on Facebook.

The organizers of these tourist routes have pointed out that, although it is common for dolphins to swim together to avoid shark attacks, it is not so frequent to see such a quantity, which they estimate to be in the thousands.

According to the company’s publication, they were able to appreciate the marine spectacle in one of their expeditions at the end of the afternoon of May 16.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio