Hurricane Warning: Meteorologists Anticipate A Fierce Hurricane Season That Will Bring 20 Storms This 2020 (VIDEO)

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HURRICANE warnings may soon become more common in the Atlantic and Pacific this year as the deadliest season in the United States approaches.

According to US-based Accuweather meteorologists. 2020 is in a “very active” hurricane season.

Accuweather recently extended the “upper range” of possible hurricanes in this year’s season.

Now, a forecasting team led by Accuweather’s chief hurricane expert Dan Kottlowski believes 14-20 systems could collide with the US. USA In 2020. They also included an estimate of another seven to 11 storms that would become hurricanes.

Kottlowski also increased the number of “major” hurricanes, those of category three or more,

The latest news was a blow to residents of scattered communities on the eastern and western coasts of the United States. Many of which are still blocked due to COVID-19.

Monroe County Commissioner in Florida Craig Cates expressed his fears about the impact of the new season as the county has already suffered from the virus.

The region relies heavily on tourism to shore up its economy, and the latest measures have cut a valuable source of income.

Speaking to Accuweather’s Monica Danielle, she said tourism represents “a good 50 percent” of its economy.

With the threat of damaging storms looming over the area, which has seen 26 hurricanes since 1926, most of any county in the United States, Cates said there is “no chance” they could accumulate reserves before a hurricane impact . He said: “We are dipping into our reserves with no chance of recovering them before the hurricane season. ” That is our concern … we certainly cannot afford a hurricane this year. ” Accuweather’s Initial Hurricane Season Forecast suggested 14 to 18 tropical storms, seven to nine hurricanes, and four major hurricanes would land in the US Major hurricanes are caused by the strongest winds and include categories three to five.

Those categories carry wind speeds of 111 to 157 mph and higher, with the potential for “catastrophic” damage in the top two.

The hurricane season in the United States spans different periods depending on the region.

On the east coast, facing the Atlantic Ocean, the hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.

On the west coast of the United States, the hurricane season runs from May 15 to November 30.

During both seasons, 20 storms can develop, approximately five of which can become major storms.


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