Mama Risks Her Life To Save Her Drowning Baby (VIDEO)

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Maternal love. On YouTube, the tender moment in which a bear jumped into the waters of a lake to save the life of her son, who was about to drown, went viral.

Touching images. Through YouTube, thousands were touched by the reaction that a mother bear had when she saw one of her young in danger. The animal jumped into the water to rescue her bear from drowning, while dozens of people recorded it and were amazed at its unconditional care. On Mother’s Day , the viral video obtained thousands of views on different social networks around the world.

Often, the animals usually give humans hundreds of lessons on what is the maternal instinct. A clear example of this is the moving video that was recorded in South Lake Tahoe, United States. A mother bear was recorded as she jumped into the water to rescue her baby.

In the images uploaded to YouTube, it was possible to see how the animal responded to its instinct and, without hesitation, saved its young. The scene was captured by the local fire department, whose members had come to rescue the small animal, but ended up finding the moving scene.

As shown in the viral clip on YouTube, the mother bear came to where his son had been caught and this climbed onto his back so she returns him to the shore. There was no lack of viewers who were amazed at the action of this mother to save the life of her baby.

However, as explained by the firefighters, although in the YouTube video the animal is seen rescuing only one of its children, in reality there were three children who had distanced themselves from their mother.

The South Lake Tahoe Firefighters Association originally posted the video on its official Facebook page. “With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we look forward to sharing a story of a mother bear and her three cubs who today have gone out into the community and ended up at the Cayos marina,” he said.

After the images were released, they quickly became a trend and reached YouTube, where thousands of Internet users applauded the reaction of the mother bear. The protagonists of this loving scene are specimens of grizzly or grey bears, a subspecies of brown bears. Thousands were touched by the fact, which reflected the unconditional love of a mother.

Watch the Viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica