Police Arrest Fisherman On A Beach and Get An Enormous Shock (PHOTO)

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The pranksters do not stop or quarantine. Three police officers were scammed by a doll that simulated being a drunk fisherman on a beach.

Cat for hare. Troops carried out an operation to arrest a man who was fishing on a beach in France in a state of emergency, however it was a doll.

The event happened on Carnon beach, located in France. A group of troops caught a glimpse of a man fishing in the mentioned place. Immediately, they decided to intervene to stop this violation of the State of Emergency.

The three officers approached and asked the man to return to his home. However, the man who was sitting in a chair with beer bottles did not flinch, obviously he was not going to because he is a doll. In view of the contempt, the agents proceeded to arrest him.

The problem occurred when they got close enough to the alleged suspect, at that time they were able to corroborate that it is a doll placed by jokers to waste the time of the troops. The situation was captured by a camera, the image went viral on social networks and ended up being the target of ridicule from hundreds of users.

Police Arrest Fisherman On A Beach and Get An Enormous Shock


Source: Trome