He Is Being Chased And Runs Into The Ocean To Save Himself From Being Attacked (VIDEO)

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The event happened in the Kronotsky nature reserve in Kamchatka and quickly went viral on Facebook and Instagram, although the situation did not escalate.

The images were taken on the coastal part of the Kronotsky Nature Reserve on Kamchatka, a place known for the large number of species it houses. The video of a moose going into the ocean to save itself from the attack of a large bear is trending on social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

Anna Eliseeva, a conservation officer who captured what happened, said that thanks to God and his agility, the moose “was able to swim and thus become the bear’s next meal.”

In less than a day after the mentioned video was published, it already had 1,800 views on the nature reserve’s Facebook fanpage. It also achieved 26 shares and 16 comments from visitors and nature lovers.

The Facebook account of the aforementioned natural space has almost 15 thousand ‘Likes’ from the public that daily observes videos and photographs of the animals that live there.

Eliseeva further said that nearly an hour after observing the attempted attack, the moose returned to the same area for a bath. No further problems were reported.

According to Wikipedia, the Kronotsky Nature Reserve is located in the Russian Far East. It was created in 1934 and has an area of ​​more than 10,000 square meters.

More than 750 species of plants have been registered here and also animals of all types and sizes, among which more than 700 brown bears stand out.

It should be noted that Unesco declared this space a World Heritage Site, one of the reasons why it is visited by an interesting number of tourists year after year, who enjoy the view of the place by helicopter.

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