Surfer Sees Fin Nearing Him Puts His Head Under The Water And Is Surrounded By 20 Sharks (VIDEO)

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Over the weekend, a surfer had the scariest animal encounter of his life with 20 sharks, but he was incredibly lucky. 

There is no greater nightmare for a surfer than being face to face with a shark. Now imagine being before 20 sharks! That happened to a young Irishman named Tom Gillespie over  the weekend, as he stumbled upon a group of basking sharks a few meters away, who surrounded him. The incredible thing is that the man was lucky enough to stumble upon one of the only three species that do not eat meat, since the basking shark feeds on plankton, so he recorded a video of the encounter by getting closer than any carnivore would. would have allowed. 

“It is difficult to describe the feeling when you are swimming and you see a gigantic fin approaching. I put my head in the water and when I saw the animal opening its mouth it was a surreal moment. Fortunately I know the sea well, I was going with a group of friends with whom I have surfed for years and we know some marine life. Seeing that they were harmless, we approached with due caution, “said young Gillespie to The Mirror. 

The basking shark is the second largest on the planet only behind the whale shark, which also feeds on plankton and microorganisms. This species usually swims in Irish waters during the spring, although thanks to the coronavirus quarantine, an increase in sightings has been reported. 

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: MedioTiempo