The Captain Of A British Nuclear Submarine Is Fired For Allowing His Crew To Have A Barbecue On A Pier (VIDEO)

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The British Royal Navy is investigating that celebration amid a “series of mistakes” by the officer.

The captain of the British nuclear  powered submarine HMS Trenchant, John Lewis, was relieved of his duties for allowing his crew to grill on the pier at Devonport Naval Base (Plymouth, England), in violation of the blocking restrictions in force the country to contain the spread of the coronavirus, reports Daily Mail. 

In a video broadcast on social media, the sailors can be seen drinking beer and dancing as two of them play music with a makeshift DJ table  after the ship returned to town for repairs in early April.

Lewis was sent home while the British Royal Navy investigates the event and decides whether to expel him from their ranks. 

According to the newspaper, allowing that celebration is just one of a series of “errors of judgment” by the officer that are being investigated by the Navy. 

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What the viral Twitter video below …


Source: ActualidadRT