They Hear Strange Noises Outside Their House What They Discover Is Terrifying [VIDEO]

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Via Youtube. A family had noticed rare noises outside their home, not imagining the wild animal they would encounter.

A video shared on Facebook has gone viral and has impacted thousands of users, as it shows the exact moment that a family realizes that there is a huge crocodile in their garden, after hearing strange noises. The unusual images of the ferocious animal became a trend on various social networks.

According to ABC media, this event occurred on the island of Hilton Head, South Carolina, in the United States. In addition, they added that as soon as the family became aware of the reptile’s presence, they immediately called the emergency services. The entire scene was recorded and was later broadcast on Facebook and other Internet platforms.

In the video that went viral on Youtube you can see how security guards appear in the garden invaded by the crocodile. They start spraying water on the animal with a hose with the intention of driving it away, but this does not seem to work, because it does not move at all.

However, with the passing of the minutes they manage to make the furious animal walk little by little to the street. Once they succeed, they tie his muzzle with a rope and between four people pull him to a nearby lagoon where he is released again.

According to local media, this crocodile is known locally as “Big George”, and had come out of its habitat as it was the mating season for its species. Normally in this period males go in search of females, so they spend much more time out of the water.

This clip viral on Facebook got thousands of views within hours, generating all sorts of reactions and comments from many users. Most Internet users indicated that they were completely terrified to see the scene.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica