Spanish Elected Official Apologizes After Spraying Beach With Bleach

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An elected official of Zahara de los Atunes, in the south of Spain, apologized Thursday for having authorized the spreading of bleach on a beach, hoping to protect the children of the commune of COVID-19

The BBC had reported last week the operation of disinfection of the page of the city, on more than two kilometers, by means of agricultural tractors, which had taken place the day before the deconfinement of the children. 

“I admit it was a mistake,” said Agustin Conejo, local elected official for the British channel. But it was done with good intentions. ” 

The operation had been criticized in particular by environmentalists. “It is totally absurd,” said Maria Dolores Iglesias Benitez, a local activist, to the daily The Guardian . The beach is a living ecosystem, and when you spray it with bleach, you kill everything you come across. ” 

Aside from bleach, Iglesias Benitez, who works for the Trafalgar Association of Environmental Volunteers, said he feared that tractors would crush the eggs of various native and migratory species. 

“If only they could understand the damage they have done to the ecosystem,” she told the BBC. The beach has its own way of cleaning itself. It was not necessary.” 

Spain is the second hardest hit country in the world on Thursday morning, with more than 210,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 24,500 deaths.

Spanish Elected Official Apologizes After Spraying Beach With Bleach


Source: TVAnouvelles