Increased Frequency Of Severe Coastal Flooding Due To Global Climate Change

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A more violent weather, able to push seawater from the coast as well as the progressive increase in the level of the sea, all as a result of the global climate change, will cause a greater amount of flooding severe in many coasts of the world. Recent research has focused on the case of the United States.

The amount of extreme flooding in some coastal areas of the United States could double every five years if the sea level continues to rise as predicted. So alarming are the conclusions reached in the new study, carried out by the team of Mohsen Taherkhani (University of Illinois at Chicago), Sean Vitousek (Center for Pacific Marine and Coastal Science, attached to the Geological Survey American (USGS), Neil Frazer (University of Hawaii at Manoa) and other specialists.

The authors of the new study investigated the frequency with which extreme water levels were reached, as measured by 202 tide gauges along the US shoreline, and combined the data with sea level rise scenarios to obtain models of the speed at which flooding episodes may increase in the future.

In 73% of the tide gauges used in the study, the difference between the most extreme water level in 50 years and the daily average of the highest tide was found to be less than one meter. In contrast, with most projections of sea level rise, the meter was exceeded by 2100. The study authors obtained from the modeling work the forecast that, by 2050, the most extreme water level up to now it was reached only once in about half a century, it will be reached once a year, in 70 percent of the coastal regions of the United States. Forecasts get even bleaker over time. 

The data ultimately suggests that the highest levels of water that have been reached once every half century will become increasingly frequent in decades to come until they become daily. Low-latitude areas will be the most prone, and their coastal flood rate is projected to double every five years.

The authors of the study believe that other harmful coastal processes related to the aforementioned, such as the erosion of the beaches and that of the cliffs , will probably accelerate in accordance with the increased risk of floods.

Increased Frequency Of Severe Coastal Flooding Due To Global Climate Change



Source: Noticias de la Ciencia