He Tries To Perform A Trick, But Something Gets In His Path And They Both End Up In The Water [VIDEO]

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It is viral on TikTok. Audiovisual material shows a young man performing a trick in the pool; however, your dog interferes with his path and causes him to fall into the water.

You want to know everything. Through the popular TikTok platform, a new viral video was released that has stolen more than a laugh from users on social networks. The images show the precise moment in which a young man tries to jump into his pool; however, his dog meddles and makes him commit blooper fun that ruins everything.

Thousands of users viewed the audiovisual material and shared it on multiple occasions, bringing it to more than 300,000 views in just 6 days. Likewise, it exceeded 20,000 likes on TikTok, so it is now viral in various countries such as Mexico , Argentina and the United States. 

The video was published by the user @miglesias.pe in his private TikTok account; However, the popularity of the clip was so great that it reached Facebook and Twitter. This was recorded by a relative of the young man, who wanted to perpetuate his feat on video.

The young man got on his skateboard in order to make a spectacular jump towards his pool; However, when he was about to arrive, his dog crossed his path, so both ended up drenched in the water.

Quickly, the boy took his dog in his arms and pulled him out of the water, so that no one escaped unharmed. However, many users pointed out the irresponsibility of the owner for not noticing the dog.

Watch the viral Tiktok video below …

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Source: La Republica