They Corner A Ferocious Crocodile And He Does What He Can Not To Be Killed [VIDEO]

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Really surprising. A viral Facebook video recorded the moment when a group of hungry lions stalked a huge crocodile.

You will not believe it. Great shock came to thousands of Youtube users and is what has caused the video to become viral and shared on other platforms. A safari tourist in Africa recorded the exact moment that a pride of lions cornered a huge crocodile to kill it. The brutal fight between predators has become a trend in Mexico, the United States and Canada.  

The first few minutes of the viral video, which boasts over a million views on Facebook’s Kruger Sightings page, recorded the exact moment a lioness became aware of the fierce reptile’s presence. Immediately, the herd of cats appeared to capture their prey.

“These lions left their food scraps to hunt a crocodile. They thought it was easy prey, but, no. These cats were left without their food for monopolizing everything”, reads the description of the viral video that was shared by a man who was doing a safari in the African jungle.

As can be seen in the video of Youtube, the crocodile had a quick reaction to seeing dozens of lions will come to assassinate him. Those who are wild animal lovers were shocked to see the encounter the animals had.

“I loved how the reptile reacted when it was cornered by the lions”, “The wildlife is fascinating”, “It was an amazing sighting”, wrote Facebook users, after seeing the video that is trending in social networks.

Here we share the viral video that was broadcast on Facebook and YouTube. In the clip you will be able to appreciate the quick reaction that the huge crocodile had to save his life.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica