They Find Him Invading Their Swimming Pool While They Are Under Full Quarantine (VIDEO)

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The owners of the house were stunned after seeing an enormous wild animal taking a dip in their pool.

Through Twitter, a video has been published that has gone viral and has impacted thousands of Internet users. The record reveals the precise moment when a bear invades a house and goes to bathe in the pool as if it were his own, until the owners of the place appear to scare him away. The images of the curious fact became a trend on social networks .

Every day you can see on Twitter, and other Internet platforms, thousands of videos that feature animals in all kinds of situations. Some of these moments are characterized by being fun, moving and others completely surprising, as in this case. Keep reading to find out everything.

A family from Monterrey, Mexico, realized that a wild animal had entered their home, so they decided to approach it so that it could leave the place. One of them decided to record the entire moment and then share it on the networks.

In the video that went viral on Twitter you can see how the bear is taking a dip in the water, when suddenly the man tries to scare him away while giving him a little push with a tool to clean the pool. Feeling uncomfortable about this, the bear gradually begins to leave the backyard.

After getting out of the water, he begins to walk slowly around the edge of the pool, but eventually ends up quietly leaving the residence.

This viral clip obtained thousands of reproductions in a matter of hours, generating all kinds of reactions and comments among a large number of users. Most citizens were completely surprised to see the bear in that area, while another said they should have left it in the water.

Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: La Republica