Thousands Of LIVE Fish Appear On The Shore Of Acapulco And They Consider It A Miracle (VIDEO)

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The absence of tourism as a measure against COVID-19, made them not have enough livelihood but food miraculously came into their lives.

A miracle happened for the inhabitants of the Pie de la Cuesta beaches in Acapulco because although there is no tourism to help them bring enough sustenance home, nature gave them an incredible gift … fish.

On social networks, the videos of the Acapulco beach where thousands of fish were thrown onto the shore by the sea itself were made viral, allowing people who are engaged in informal employment in that area, to have food for themselves and their families.

People picking up fish from the sand, excited by this event that they described as a miracle, were benefited by the arrival of the blue fish (horse mackerel) that swam to the shore of the beach looking to eat tiny sardines.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …


Source: Los40