While Under Quarantine He Receives An Unexpected Visit At His Door (VIDEOS)

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The days of confinement can be very hard, especially for those who live alone. In this case, even the most unusual animals can be of great help.

Spencer Andrich, a professor of social sciences at a high school in Anacortes, in the US state of Washington, received this month, a surprise visit in the confinement, account Vice.

“I was preparing a lesson, when I looked out the window and saw a giant elephant seal that was heading to my house,” said the American.

When quarantined to stop the spread of the coronavirus was imposed in late March, Andrich moved into a house located near the Pacific Ocean, less than 100 kilometers from the city of Seattle. According to him, the house belongs to his family for three generations, but that was the first time that he received a visit from one of these large mammals.

Upon seeing the intruder, Andrich called Ralph Downes, an employee of the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, who had already seen the animal on other occasions. It is a female named Elsie May, well known to biologists, police and residents of the town for its communicative nature. As Ralph tells it, Elsie May is very curious and is not afraid of humans or cars.

According to experts, elephant seals live most of their lives in the ocean, but once a year they come ashore for the molting period. In general they tend to stay in safe places on the coast, but this is not the case for Elsie.

Elsie May’s curiosity is so great that she even tried to enter Andrich’s house. He recorded it from the kitchen, worried about the possibility that it would break the glass of the door. However, Elsie May stayed outside scrubbing her head on the glass, like dogs do when they beg to be let in.

The animal stayed three days in Spencer’s garden and then returned to the ocean.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …

Watch the viral Youtube video below …

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