What Caused A Beach In Acapulco Mexico To Naturally Light Up (VIDEO)

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The beaches of Puerto Marqués, in Acapulco, lit up before the astonished gaze of several residents who did not hesitate to record the event.

The confinement to which millions of people must have been subjected has not only caused animals to transit freely through places inhabited by humans. And it is that it has allowed several people to become witnesses of unusual phenomena that hardly occur. Proof of this, what happened a few days ago on the beaches of Puerto Marqués, in Acapulco (Mexico).

As you can see in the images published on social networks by user Abril Damian , the water naturally lit up at night, leaving several residents stunned who did not hesitate to record the event. The material was published on Facebook and Twitter, where it became a trend.

According to local media and some residents of the area, this fact had not occurred in 60 years due to the high concentration of people in the place.

This phenomenon is known as bioluminescence, which is the product of a chemical reaction that occurs when microorganisms from the sea such as bacteria, fungi, insects, mollusks and other species are disturbed by oxygen in the waves. Consequently, they emit that characteristic bright hue.

According to National Geographic, it has different functions such as communication, reproduction, defense or attraction of prey. On the terrestrial plane, this process manifests itself only in fungi and invertebrates, such as fireflies and some beetles.

The measures established by the Mexican authorities to stop the spread of the coronavirus have meant the low presence of people in the country’s natural areas. The government called to stay home and comply with the provisions of the National Day of Healthy Distance, extended until May 30.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio