He Goes Fishing During The Covid-19 Quarantine Without Leaving Home (VIDEO)

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In Sydney, Australia, a very unusual event has gone viral worldwide via YouTube. The quarantine by the coronavirus forced this young man to perform the unthinkable.

The mandatory confinement in some countries, after the advance of COVID-19, has caused millions of people to find a way to pass the time, some with ingenious ways and another with very strange ideas. This is the case of a young man of 29 years old, in Sydney (Australia) who has gone viral through YouTube and various social networks after the unusual method he applied to catching fish.

The images that have been released show a young man using his drone as his main tool for fishing. Sam Rome, the protagonist of this viral video on YouTube, directed his unmanned aerial vehicle towards the sea and launched the hook.

The innovative fisherman also uploaded the images to his account on the social network Instagram. After trying to catch a good specimen of fish, Sam used up to two batteries and lost about 30 minutes.

However, after persevering for a long time, he managed to catch a small fish that, thanks to his drone, took him to the terrace of his house. Seeing that the specimen was very small, he decided to return it to the sea. Everything was recorded and is already viral on YouTube.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio