Grim Reaper Will Scare People On Florida Beaches Who Do Not Respect Social Distancing

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A lawyer in the United States has become a trend in proposing this macabre idea that seeks to enforce sanitary measures in the face of the expansion of COVID-19.

On Facebook and Twitter, the implausible proposal of a lawyer in Florida ( United States ) that aims to enforce the recommendations of the WHO to avoid the spread and spread of the coronavirus has gone viral. And is that some counties in the aforementioned state reopened their beaches only for “essential activities”, however hundreds of people ignored the social distancing requested in times of pandemic.

In this context, a lawyer from Santa Rosa Beach , named Daniel Uhlfelder , devised a macabre but very original idea: he intends to disguise himself as “Death” and visit the various beaches throughout the state in order to scare all those who do not take seriously the rules to prevent the expansion of COVID-19.

The man of laws called the awareness campaign that will start on May 1, “Grim Reaper tour” . “Many of you have asked me if I am willing to travel around Florida dressed as” Death “to the beaches and other areas of the state that open prematurely. The answer is absolutely yes. Starting May 1 we will get going here in the state. Please tweet and spread the word, ” said Uhlfelder on his Twitter account. The post is also viral on Facebook.

The protagonist of this story is flatly against the measures adopted by the state of Florida, and stated that he will seek to “warn our fellow Floridians of the dangers of not distancing themselves socially . However, the “Grim Reaper tour” campaign also has another objective: it will serve to collaborate with the Democratic Party in the town of Santa Rosa Beach.

“We will use this as a campaign to make sure people know the importance of staying home, and also to support Democrats running for federal office, including opposition Democrat Matt Gaetz, Phil Ehr, and Democrat Christy Smith, who is running for a special election on May 12, ” said Daniel Uhlfelder without imagining that his publication was going to go viral on social networks like Facebook.

As of Thursday, April 23, Florida accumulates about 28,832 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 960 deaths. Thousands of people have been left without a job, which is why the state authorities have designed a plan to “reopen” the economic sources.

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