He Falls Asleep On The Legs Of A Fisherman And Its Simply Adorable (VIDEO)

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The video of the event has unleashed a great wave of tenderness on Facebook.

On Facebook we can find numerous videos that are capable of “melting” our hearts from the start. One of these is the clip that motivates this article, which was recorded on a beach during sunset.

The protagonists of the recording are an elderly fisherman and a friendly penguin , which appears completely relaxed on the human’s legs.

The images have accumulated more than 58,000 reactions since their publication on Facebook . It is worth mentioning that the material was uploaded to the social network in 2018.

As perhaps many will have intuited, the video accumulated a good amount of comments . Several Internet users indicated that they were happy to see the simplicity of the man of the sea and the tenderness of the animal.

“Both have moved me to the core. They seem to have been born to be best friends, “said one of the users.

Watch the viral Facebook video below …


Source: Mag el Comercio