A Shocking Discovery Was Made After A Container Was Re-Floated After 22 Months At The bottom Of The Sea (VIDEO)

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The Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) rescued several containers from the sea that had ended up on the seabed two years ago, when a ship was hit by a huge wave, in the middle of a storm. In one of the containers they found two third-generation Chevrolet Silverado HD, which has a cost of approximately $ 90,000 each.

Maritime authorities refloated a container after 22 months at the bottom of the sea. Inside they found two trucks, tires and equipment.

The YM Efficiency ship faced a severe storm in June 2018 in Newcastle, Australia. At that time, 81 containers fell overboard in the middle of the ocean approximately 25 kilometers from the coast. After 22 months of being 120 meters deep, the authorities hired a company to inspect and remove the containers from the sea.

Taking them ashore and opening them, it was discovered that among the lost cargo there were two Silverado Heavy Duty, the largest of the Chevrolet family of trucks. As indicated, the two trucks were going to undergo a right-hand drive conversion process and then sold on the Australian market .

Scott Wilson , one of the owners of the company that pulled them from the bottom of the sea, stated: “Obviously, having a free fall of 120 meters in the water and then landing on the seabed has not left them in the best shape. Now they will serve nothing more than scrap metal for sale of iron per kilo. The sea did its thing and both Silverados smell disgusting. “

The Australian authorities affirm that annually there are about 1,400 containers that accidentally fall into the sea, which often take years to recover.

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