He Jumps Off The Top Of A Bridge Into A River When He Notices Him Struggling To Swim [VIDEO]

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Via YouTube. The boy observed the dog trying to reach the shore, but realizing that he was not capable, he decided to jump into the water to save his life.

A video shared on YouTube has gone viral and has surprised thousands of users, because it reveals the precise moment in which a young man decides to jump from the top of a bridge to dive into a river and save a dog that is was drowning. The noble action of the boy quickly became a trend on social networks .

Every day you can see on YouTube, and other Internet platforms, thousands of videos featuring animals alongside people in all kinds of situations. Some of these moments are characterized by being fun, tender and extremely surprising, just as in this case. Keep reading to find out everything.

A young man was walking down the street when he saw in the distance a dog drowning in a river. He immediately took off the shirt he was wearing and threw himself into the water. A young woman who saw what the boy was about to do decided to record the entire moment with her cell phone and then publish it on social networks .

In the video that went viral you can see how the young man jumps into the river from the Brickell Key Bridge, a famous bridge in Miami, Florida, and swims quickly to where the dog is and takes it with one of his arms.

A few moments later another man appears on the scene, who had also launched himself into the river with the intention of rescuing the little dog. Both swim to shore, where a group of people are waiting for them, who help them get ashore.

The clip viral on YouTube got thousands of views within hours, generating all sorts of reactions and comments from many users. Most of them praised the young man’s noble gesture, and some even dared to say that he was a hero.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica