Restless Mischief Makers Are Seen Enjoying The Pool While The Residents Are Quarantined [VIDEO]

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A fun scene posted on Youtube shows homeowners in India shocked after discovering mischievous monkeys playing in their pool.

What would you do in his place? Naughty monkeys have surprised thousands of viewers on Youtube and other social networks in the last few days, after the broadcast of a viral video that shows the peculiar scene they starred in when they invaded the pool of a private residence taking advantage of the absence of their owners.

The curious episode occurred in Mumbai, India, and was recorded in a fun recording by the people who live in the residence, who noticed the scene and did not hesitate to record it for publication on social networks.

In the images, which already have thousands of views on TikTok and YouTube, several monkeys are seen in and around the establishment’s swimming pool. While some were swimming and splashing in the water, others were jumping and running around the three pools of different sizes that were without people, due to the quarantine that residents are currently carrying out for the coronavirus.

“The primates took advantage of the absence of humans, and took advantage of the sunny day to have fun in the water,” reads the video that was shared on YouTube, which soon went viral on TikTok and other networks, generating various reactions and comments from users.

People quickly shared the recording, indicating that these types of events are occurring very frequently during these days of social isolation, in which several animals take advantage of the absence of people to occupy not only places in their habitat, but also some public spaces like roads, parks and other public places.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica