Dozens Of Them Escape Out Of A Passenger’s Suitcase And Cause Chaos At Bahamas Airport (VIDEO)

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No one knows how the suitcase was opened on the baggage claim belt, but the shellfish immediately demonstrated their speed and dexterity by dispersing throughout the area.

At Lynden Pindling Airport in the Bahamas, dozens of large crabs escaped from a passenger’s suitcase and quickly dispersed through the baggage claim area, creating a commotion between employees and travellers, according to a video posted by a user on Twitter.

The recording shows how the crustaceans move at full speed among the passengers waiting for their suitcases, near the baggage claim belt and between screams and laughter in the background.

“Who flies with crabs?” The video’s author tweeted.

His post has garnered over six million views, thousands of retweets, and enthusiastic comments.

“And even more interesting is how the crabs were able to get through the inspection point, haha,” joked one of the commenters.

“Well, at least they are not tarantulas,” joked another.


Watch the viral Twitter video below …


Source: Actualidad RT