Thanks To A Dog, Police Rescue Him After He Was About To Drown

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Amid the persecution of the animal, the uniformed officers managed to hear the barking for help.

The authorities of a province in Spain received a call reporting the presence of a dog in the streets. They immediately responded to the request.

They managed to identify the place where the canine was, but he was not willing to get caught and ran through the field, a situation that complicated things because it was night.

But this was not an impediment for the uniformed, who maintained the persecution.

In the final part of the operation, when they were about to catch the energetic dog, they heard desperate barking. It was another puppy that had fallen into a three-meter deep water well.

They immediately contacted the Firefighters who in a brave act, partly thanks to the other dog, managed to save the life of the one who was in trouble and about to drown.

Finally it was discovered that both dogs had left a nearby farm to which they lived.

“They notice a loose dog in the Eagle roundabout. When the patrol arrives, the dog runs away. The patrol run after him, he ends up taking the agents to a siphon of a ditch where his friend is about to drown. The dog is rescued. Nice anecdote from colleagues.”


Source: Noticias CaracolTV