Epic Water Battle Between Two Clans Of Otters In A Water Channel In Singapore (VIDEO)

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This scene is not new and behind it is a whole story of territorial dominance between two famous groups of Singapore otters.

Two families of otters were filmed and uploaded to Youtube, in battle in a water channel in Singapore.

In a recording that has become popular on social networks, it is observed how both groups swim towards each other and, as if it were a film scene, they suddenly accelerate their passage, collide hand-to-hand and attack each other. 

According to local media, this scene is not new and behind it is a whole story of territorial dominance that started in 2015 and involves the two largest and best-documented groups of otters in Singapore. 

The first, largest and most dominant — the Bishan family — migrated from Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park to the Marina Bay area and displaced the second — the Marina family — from its main territory. Members of the latter were forced to move to where their rivals lived. 

In previous years, aggressive fights between these clans have been reported, in which some of their members have died or seriously injured results, and have even led people to meddle. The recent dispute occurred very close to Bishan Park, suggesting that its former inhabitants want to take it over again.

These animals are very popular in the country and there are various communities and organizations dedicated to their sighting and study.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: Actualidad RT