Crocodiles Return To The Beaches Of Oaxaca During Full Quarantine 

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As we have already seen in recent days, nature is taking a necessary breather thanks to the outbreak of COVID-19 in our country, returning to some places that they had abandoned due to the passage of humans. However, it is inevitable not to stay with the square eye when we see these impressive postcards that animals give us – like the whale that was playing in a bay in Acapulco – but now it was the turn of the crocodiles and no, it is not the second part of Crawl.

And it is that in the last hours an image has impacted social networks, as we see a lot of lizards on the shore of Ventanilla beach in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca , returning to their natural habitat , after both tourists and merchants and fishermen have had to leave this beach practically empty to stay at home while coronavirus remains a major global issue.

This incredible photograph was taken by Janitzio Ramos and shared on Facebook by Esau Zavaleta, making many people immediately realize the important impact of human beings on nature . Before the sanitary contingency was lifted by COVID-19 in our country, fishermen and personnel from the municipality of Santa María Colotepec captured a crocodile in Lagunita de Regadío, very close to Ventanilla beach .

And before they scare us, no, they did not capture it to tame it, all they did was check it and later the lizard was released into a lagoon near where it was found . According to Millennium , some environmentalists have said that this is a normal movement of animals -including crocodiles- to recover what is really theirs , because when they realize that humans are not close, they gradually return to the places they should never have left.

There is no doubt that despite the tense situation we are experiencing, these crocodiles are giving us spectacular moments like this. Next we leave you with the image of these lizards sunbathing on the beaches of Oaxaca: 

Crocodiles Return To The Beaches Of Oaxaca During Full Quarantine 


Source: Sopitas