A Crew Member Of The Hospital Ship Mercy Tests Positive For Coronavirus

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Navy authorities affirm that the contagion will not affect Mercy’s operational capacity since “the ship is following protocols and is taking precautions to guarantee the health and safety of all crew members and patients on board.”

Los Angeles California. – A crew member aboard the USNS Mercy hospital ship was transferred to an isolation facility after testing positive for the coronavirus, the US Navy reported. USA

The officer has been placed in solitary confinement aboard the hospital ship and will soon be transferred to an “off-ship solitary confinement facility where they will themselves monitor for severe symptoms,” said Lt. Andrew Bertucci, a Navy public affairs officer. to local media in Los Angeles.

The spread of covid-19 will not affect Mercy’s operating capacity, Bertucci reported. Ensuring that “the ship is following protocols and taking precautions to guarantee the health and safety of all crew members and patients on board.”

The Mercy naval ship docked on March 27 in the port of Los Angeles and has served in humanitarian operations around the world. He came to Southern California to support the city in the public health emergency that has been sparked by the increase in coronavirus cases .

“I am pleased to welcome Mercy Naval Ship to Los Angeles. This ship brings 1,000 new medical beds to the port of Los Angeles, helping to ease the burden on our emergency rooms and ICUs as COVID-19 cases grow in the next few weeks. Thank you to all our partners for making this possible, ” wrote Mayor Eric Garcetti on his Twitter account.

With 1,000 medical beds, 12 operating rooms, an intensive care unit, laboratories and high-tech equipment, the Mercy Hospital Ship becomes the largest hospital in the city to support local health centers preparing to face the crisis by the coronavirus.

The large ship, naval hospital will not attend to coronavirus cases. Nearly 800 health workers will take care of patients there with diseases other than the coronavirus, in order to decongest the hospitals where they treat those infected with the virus and thus reduce the risk of transmission.

It will serve as a hospital for patients with non-pandemic-related illnesses and injuries. This will decrease the risks of patient exposure to covid-19 and ensure quality health care for Los Angeles and the rest of California.

The Mercy Ship was built as an oil tanker, however, the same company that built it renamed it and turned it into a hospital in July 1984. Although the majestic ship belongs to the United States Navy, its mission is purely medical, rescue and help.

The ship’s structure measures almost 900 feet and is not equipped with any weapons, so attacking it would be a war crime. What the naval hospital does have is high-tech medical equipment to serve patients around the world.

This hospital works in humanitarian missions helping during times of crisis and states of emergency by disasters. Currently his mission is to save the lives of thousands of people in this land of Los Angeles.


Source: Univision