They Are Surprised By His Technique To Catch Fish From The Lake [VIDEO]

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The two fishermen’s mascot became ‘famous’ on YouTube after demonstrating his ability to capture water creatures in just seconds.

You have to see it. The animals Domestic again cause a stir on YouTube. This time, a dog stole the attention of users after being recorded catching fish from the lake, a scene that went viral on various social networks. Thousands of users from countries such as Mexico, the United States, Spain and others around the world have reacted through their comments.

A family and their dog went to a desolate lake in Brazil to fish. When two men threw their hooks into the water, the pup surprised with his skill in catching some creatures with his mouth.

The animal’s owner immediately pulled out his phone to record his pet’s particular behaviour in catching dozens of fish in seconds. These images made thousands of Internet users laugh on different social networks such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

The publication has been shared through ViralHog YouTube channel, where more than half a million users have appreciated the viral video. According to details, the fishing by the curious dog occurred on April 4 in Lake Mineiros, Brazil.

“I was fishing with some friends and I saw my dog ​​in a particular scene, this caught my attention and I decided to make the recording. The name of the dog is Wafi, “said the owner of the animals in the viral video on YouTube.

Watch the viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica