They Find 18 Horses Trapped In A Deep Mud Hole…Can They Save Them All? (VIDEO)

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A viral video uploaded to YouTube shows the great work that rescuers did to try to save 18 horses that were trapped in the mud.

On YouTube it was posted a video captured in northern China, which has become viral and has wowed thousands in the world. The clip reveals how firefighters were able to perform a great act of love to rescue a farmer’s horses that were trapped in a mud puddle. The video became a trend and has reached thousands of Internet users in Mexico, Canada and the United States.

A farmer lost sight of his horses and when he found him, he discovered that they were in a horrible place, so he needed the help of firefighters, who he called.

The brave rescuers arrived and found a scene rarely seen, because their job was to remove 18 horses from a deep mud puddle.

As seen in the YouTube clip, filmed on April 3, the ten firefighters wrapped the upper body of the horses with a rope and slowly pulled them out of the puddle, but failed due to the weight of the animals.

After the failed attempt, the men found a steel wire net nearby and built a very simple temporary bridge, then successfully dragged nine horses out of the mud into the puddle.

Thanks to the tractor they used, the animals were dragged and finally they pulled everyone out with great success.

On YouTube, users applauded and left good comments towards rescuers for their hard work that lasted more than 3 hours.

Watch the Viral Youtube video below …


Source: La Republica