Acting Secretary Of The United States Navy Resigns After Leaked Audio About Covid-19

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Thomas Modly’s resignation comes after an audio leak leaked him as “stupid” to the former aircraft carrier captain who had alerted to a Covid-19 case on board.

Acting Secretary of the United States Navy, Thomas Modly, resigned Tuesday after receiving criticism about the handling of the situation generated around the former captain of the US aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, Brett Crozier, who alerted the relevant authorities about an outbreak coronavirus on board.

Defense Secretary Mark Esper accepted Modly’s resignation and at the same time announced the approval of President Donald Trump to appoint the current Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army, Jim McPherson, as the “retired Admiral of the Navy with a 26-year distinguished naval career, serving on land, afloat and abroad during his time in uniform. “

Regarding Modly’s resignation, Esper explained, in a statement, that “he resigned of his own free will, placing the Navy and sailors above himself so that the USS Theodore Roosevelt and the Navy, as an institution, could advance” 

Modly’s resignation comes after the leaking of an audio in which he was addressing the crew of the aircraft carrier and described Crozier as “naive” and “stupid”, who had already been removed from his post after learning of a letter in which He asked his superiors to take immediate action to help his crew, including several cases of coronavirus, and he questioned the actions of the Pentagon to keep the nearly 5,000 crew members safe.

The chairman of the House of Representatives Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, called for Modley’s immediate removal, alleging that he was “strongly” in disagreement with his approach to the health situation in the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

“Acting Secretary Modly’s decision to target the sailors on the Roosevelt and personally attack Captain Crozier shows a deaf approach more focused on personal ego, than one of calm and consistent leadership that we so desperately need in this crisis,” Smith said. 

Last Monday Modly retracted his speech to the carrier’s Marines and publicly apologized, when hours earlier he maintained that “he endorsed every word he said, including, sadly, any blasphemy that may have been used to emphasize.”

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