He Shows The Behaviour Of A Reptile After Being Cared For From A Calf [VIDEO]

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The video is viral on YouTube. A young man from Mexico recorded the moment when a fearsome crocodile fell asleep on his legs, a scene that terrified more than one.

A recent viral video on YouTube has generated great impact on thousands of users because of the grisly scenes recorded by a young man from Mexico. The man sat a few meters from a crocodile enclosure, not imagining that one of the reptiles would emerge from the water and would have a particular behaviour.

The viral video has been shared by the ViralHog YouTube channel, where thousands of users from countries such as Mexico , the United States , Spain, and others, have managed to react to seeing what happened with the author of the filming that has become trending topic.

As can be seen in the scenes of the viral video , the boy ended up stroking the reptile that, minutes before, emerged from a pool of crocodiles. These images shared by ViralHog gave ‘goosebumps’ to more than one viewer.

“It is a female crocodile named Gamora. I have had her since she was a 30 centimeter calf. She lives comfortably in my house and thanks to the contact I have with her as a calf, she has such an excellent behaviour, ”said the author of the video published on YouTube.

According to details in the post, the viral video was shot on November 30, 2018; However, recently the owners of the reptile published the images that have more than a thousand reactions on social networks.

In this note, we share some captures of the tender encounter of a crocodile keeper with one of his animals. Remember that to see the photos in our gallery all you have to do is slide each of them to the left.

Watch the viral youtube video below …


Source: La Republica